Best Electric Beater for Cakes in India

If you are someone who loves to bake cakes and cookies, an electric blender can make the process very convenient for you. It could be tough to find the best electric beater for cakes in india as they are many options available. There are electric beaters available in different price segments availbale that you can use to make cake batter in India. We have reviewed the top electric beaters in this article and have also prepared a guide that you can use to make an informed choice while buying a mixer.

Compared to a stand mixer a handheld electric blender is easier to use and handle. These are light in weight something around one kg. Most of the hand mixers have ergonomic design which have round edges. It is easy to hold and use them. You can easily take them out whenever you want to knead, mix or blend something.

Most of the electric beaters come with multiple attachments. You get an attachment for kneading dough. You can knead pizza dough, bread dough or any other type. Then there is the whisking attachment which can help you mix the cake batter. You could be comfortable with using a hand whisker but once you start using an electric beater for cakes you will realize that it is best way you can prepare batter for cakes. If you love to bake, you should consider getting an electric blender.

Apart from preparing the batter you can do a lot more with a blender like whisking the eggs, Whipping the cream and more. You can make use of an electric mixer in several other recipes apart from cakes. You can even prepare dough for making your chapatis at home. We believe that an electric beater is an essential tool in India for the modern kitchen.

We have researched several electric hand blenders and have listed them for you. This will save you the hard work and you will be able to buy the right product from your money.

We are listing a few features that you should keep in mind when buying and electric beaters for cakes in India

Wattage: Wattage or power of the electric beater would determine how efficient it is and how well it can mix thick batters. We would advise you to go for more wattage as you will get more power and will easily be able to mix doughs. Most of the mixers in this list will also have settings to change the power.

Speed Control: It is really important that the hand mixer has multiple speed settings so you can work at a higher speed it you have tough dough to make and a lower speed if you have thin batter. This will ensure that the batter doesn’t spill.

Look & Design: Modern appliances like a hand mixer should fit in your kitchen and add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Chcek out the images to see which mixer looks good to you. You will be using a mixer for a long time and it should look appealing to you.

Comfortable to use: Since you have to hold it in hand while mixing and kneading it should be comfortable to hold. Most of the mixers that we have in this list have curved edges and are easy to handle and work with.

Attachments: The mixers that we have recommended come with two sets of attachments. One is for kneading and another one is for mixing.

Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Beater

We always believe that when it comes to kitchen appliances you should go for well known brands because with electrical appliances in kitchne safety is as important as price and functionality. We use all of these factors to rate a product and this is why this hand beater from Bajaj is something we highly recommend.

Apart from having a stylish design, the bajaj hand beater has a powerful 250W motor which will make sure that you will be able to work on the tough dough easily. The motor will give you effortless

Attachments: The bajaj hand beater comes with two different types of attachments, Dough hooks and Beater attachments. You get two of each attachments. The dough hooks will allow you to mix bread dough, pizza dough and also mixing cookie batter. On the other hand the beater attachment is used for mixing cake batter and can also be used to beat eggs. These attachments make your baking experience comfortable

It has multiple speed control to make sure that you can adjust the speed according to the kind and thickness of the batter that you are working on. This also allows you to start comfortably when work on dough or batter. You can easily adjust between low, medium and high speed according to the ingredients that you are working on.

While it is powerful, it is light in weight. It weighs only 1.1 kg and so is easy to pick and handle.

Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

Philips is another popular name manufacturing all sorts of appliances and electronics. When you buy Philips you are buying quality. This 300W hand mixer from Philips is not only powerful but is also good to look at.

Using a hand beater to mix your cake batter could be inconvenient as you have to hold the beater in your hand over thick batter. This product makes sure that your will be comfortable handing this product as it has a sift grip which makes sure that it is easy on your hand. The ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to use

The beater attachments have an innovative cone shaped design which offers several advantages. These cone shaped beaters are able to do more as they cover a large area. Also they give a fluffy texture to the batter as they push air inside the batter.

When you attach the dough or beater hooks in the body, you will be able to hear a click so you can be sure that the hooks are properly attached to the beater body. This will ensure your safety. Also when you want to release the hooks, you can use the large eject button which can help you release beaters easily.

Warranty: Philips will provide you a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

What we like

  • Powerful motor suitable for thick batters.
  • 5 speeds along with turbo that works for variety of doughs and batters.

What we don’t like

  • Blades are weak as compared to other popular brands
  • Warranty is not applicable for blades

BMS Lifestyle Electric Hand Mixer – Best Budget hand Mixer in India

The BMs hand mixer is one of the most popular products in the Indian market. The reason is that it provides many features for a very competitive price.

The hand mixer not only looks good but is also very comfortable to operate and hold. The handle is slanted at an angle that make sit very comfortable to hold. The buttons are in easy reach when you hold it and can be operated conveniently. The innovatuive design also makes sure that you are able to clean the device very easily.

The handheld mixer has a power rating of 180 watts. This powerful motor makes the product very efficient and effective at its job of blending, mixing, and whipping. You can also use the dough hook attachments at medium to high speeds for kneading

While you can wipe the body of the mixer with a wet cloth, the attachments are easy to clean with water. The dough hooks and beaters are made of stainless steel and are rust free. The attachments are food safe. You can easily remove them from main body and clean them with a mild soap.

What we like

  • Comfortable cord length.
  • Curved handle allows comfortable grip and operation.
  • Comes with a storage stand.

What we don’t like

  • The plastic on a body is a little cheap

Bosch Comfort MFQ22100 375-Watt Best Electric Beater for Cakes

Bosch is a well known name manufacturing home and kitchen appliances. This hand mixer is a quality product from the German company. It looks good and will surely add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. The body is smooth and rounded corners makes it easy for you to handle and use. It is made of BPA free plastic and has an ergonomic design.

The mixer has a powerful motor of 375W so it is capable of mixing tough doughs. It has multiple speed settings which makes sure that you can adjust setting according to the consistency of the ingredients that you are working on. The slow setting makes sure that you do not spill batter. While the 5 speed pulse setting of the mixer works efficiently, it doesn’t make a lot of noise

It comes two diffrent sets of attachments like the other popular mixers in the market. Two kneading hooks for kneading dough for bread, pizza and other purposes and whisks for stirrings. Together these attachments allow you to comfortably switch between kneading, mixing, beating and other jobs with ease

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