Best Roti/ Chapati Make in India – Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you are looking for the best roti maker in India, you are reading the right article as we have a list of the best chapati makers in India. We understand how tough it could be to find and purchase a product online without actually having to try it. For this reason this article will com ein handy as it has a review of the best roti makers available online. Apart from this we also have a buyers guide which can help you understand the various features of a roti maker and find out a product according to your requirements.

Lets talk about this product. A chapati/roti maker is not a new product and has been in the market for many years now. Inspite of this a lot of people are not very familiar with this product and do not us it. The reason for this is that we are very comfortable with the traditional method of making roti in th eIndia household which is using a rolling pin and rolling board which are another names for chakla and belna.

Using a roti maker will help you make roti without the rolling pin and board and even the tawa. Now who is this product for. If you are a student or someone who is unfamiliar with the conventional way of making rotis, you can easily make them using this. Also you can consider

ImageProductDetails  Price
Bajaj-roti-makerBAJAJ VACCO?”Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker Check Price
Prestige-PRM-3.0-Stainless-Steel-Roti-MakerPrestige Roti Maker Check Price
Molo Roti MakerMolo Roti Maker Check Price

Reviews of Best Roti Makers in India

Bajaj Chapati / Roti / Khakra Maker

Most of us are familiar with the brand name Bajaj and know that they are a trusted brand making electricals. It is really important to go for a well known brand while buying a kitchen appliance as a reputed brand means a high quality product and good after sales services. This is the reason that we strongly recommend Bajaj chapati maker.

this particular product is made of high quality components. A superior tubular element has been used in this roti maker. The outer body is made of stainless steel while the inner part where the roti is placed is made of non stick aluminium which is then coated with teflon.

The company has givne a lot of emphasis on the safty of the prdocut. It has a shock proof body and also the handles are heat resistant. The lead and the plug that are a part of the appliance are ISI mark.

Another advantage of using this roti maker is the auto cut off feature in this. This feature stops the supply to the appliance once it recahes the pre detremined tenperature.BUY FROM AMAZON

Prestige Roti Maker

There are several reasons why this product features so high in our list of recommended roti makers. This is a very innovative product and features a temperature control knob that will let to vary the temperature of the appliance. This helps you customize your way of roti making. Once you are able to find out what works best for you, you will be able to make tasty and fluffy roti.

The temperature knob might not have numbers on them but you will be able to fin dthe minimum and maximum temperature. There are two leds in it, a red one on the higher side and a green one the side where the temperature can be reduced.

Apart from this interesting feature, the built quality of the product is very good. It is made of stainless steel which makes it sturdy. The inner tawa part of the appliance has a non stick coating on it making sure the rotis dont stick to the plates.

This roti makers can make several other bread products like utpamms, khahkras and dosas. The 900 watt power will make sure that you are able to makes rotis quickly.BUY FROM AMAZON

Molo Roti Maker / Khakra Maker

Kerwa Roti Maker

This is another high quality product that you can buy. The product has very good reviews on amazon. This is a heavy duty product that you can rely on. Also it is economical as compared to some of the other products that we have included in this list. You can get the same features and quality by paying a lesser price.

This roti maker is shock proof so that makes if safe when you are making rotis

The tawa of the roti make is non stick which will make sure that the rotis will not stick and you will get soft and fluffy rotis

How to Buy the Right Roti Maker (Buyers Guide)

Things to Comsider While Buying A Roti Maker

Brand Reputation

It should be obvious that buying a product from a reputed brand comes with several advantages.

Advantages of a roti maker

There are several advantages that a roti maker offers you over a griddle, rolling pin and rolling board. In case you are thinking about buying a roti maker, the following section could help you decide whether you actually require one or not

A typical Indian household makes several rotis per day which requires a lot of time and also efforts. A roti maker can help you save the tim eand inconvenience caused because of making rotis on a tawa. See the following reasons to fin dour why a roti maker is better than making rotis on a tawa.

Saves time: You can see one of the several demos available on youtube to fin dout that making a roti on a roti maker is quick as compared to chakla and belna.

Convenient: If you are familiar with how a roti maker works, you will find it very convinient to make rotis. You will no longer burn fingers on the stove.

Clean without any mess: Making rotis on a roti maker is cleaner as compared to using rolling pin and board. You will not need to clean flour from the kitchen counter top as you have to do usually. Since there is less mess to clean it also saves you time

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